We love beautiful homes!  Our passions lean more to the older styles of the Craftsman, Victorian, Colonial, and Greek Revival Eras.  If you value the craftsmanship and detail that we used to see in so many homes, then you’ve found the right contractor.  Whether you have a historic home or you just want more of those style pieces added to your home, we can do it.


We would love to update your home with the latest amenities and keep the character of your home. We specialize in knowing all areas of the home. We have an extensive portfolio of kitchen and bath remodels. Do you want to restore the historic beauty of your home that may have been covered up by a previous remodel? We can do that! Our in-house designer has an eye for beauty and the artistic abilities to put vision on paper.


Do you need a major renovation? We can do an entire house renovation if that's what you need. Are there pieces or additions to your home by previous owners that you want to demolish and put something better in its place? We can do that do. Have you ever thought "there has to be a better way for this house to flow"? We have. We love helping our customers think outside the box and enjoy their homes more. We have customers that we have built ramps in their homes and outside their homes. We have raised sunken floor rooms so that customers in wheel chairs can access all areas of their home. We have also built decks with ramps to allow a customer to get from the house to their swim spa all from their wheelchair. How can we help you?


Have you ever wanted more space in your home but didn't know how to tie it in? Our design team works tirelessly to ensure that an addition we build looks like it was always part of your home. No one wants a box on top of their current home or a window in what was clearly a garage.